[UPDATE 09:50 AM, 03/13/2020: 

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of everyone in light of recent news updates, and to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to get a pair, Copdate has opened a Special Events web link for the Nike Dunk Low "Varsity Royal" and "Orange Blaze." The web link is intended to reduce high volume traffic you may experience on the app.

The Special Events web link is now live at https://list.copdate.com/pages/commonwealth-ph . Registration on the app will open at 5PM today. If you have already registered through the Special Events web link, there is no need to register on the app.

To register, simply follow the link and submit your entry using your Copdate account information. Entries submitted via the link will be verified, and eligible users will receive an email confirmation, and get their List entry in the app by the close of the registration period.

Each customer will enter both events using the same link, but can only be selected for one secured product reservation. Strictly one entry per user, per event.

Please ensure that you only use your Copdate account info to register and you must be located within METRO MANILA to qualify.

Good luck, and stay safe! ]


The highly anticipated NIKE DUNK LOW “VARSITY ROYAL” AND NIKE DUNK LOW “ORANGE BLAZE” releases on March 14 at Commonwealth and will be made available exclusively via the LOCALS ONLY LIST raffle event on @copdate. The list is open to anyone in the Metro Manila area; there is no need to be physically in the store to register. 

In line with our mission of preventing pairs from getting into the hands of resellers, our TRUE TO SIZE policy will be enforced ensuring that all raffle entrants will only be eligible to join if the shoe size indicated in their entry is true to their own size.

Strictly one Copdate entry per person, per event.  Each customer may enter both events, but can only secure only one of two entries.

Registration begins tomorrow, March 13, and will be available to users located within METRO MANILA only. To secure your entry, open the @copdate app any time within the registration period and enter wherever you may be in the city.


PRICED AT: PHP 4,995.00

SIZE RUN:  5 | 5.5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 9.5 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 11.5 | 12 | 



PRICED AT: PHP 4,995.00

SIZE RUN:  5 | 5.5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 9.5 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 11.5 | 12 | 


In line with current health measures set in place across the world, all our major releases will be done via Copdate Locals Only until further notice. This allows Copdate users in Metro Manila to secure their pair through a digital raffle. Claiming releases in-store will be spread across three (3) days in an effort to reduce crowding.

The safety of our staff and customers is our main concern and we will continue to do our part in ensuring that our stores are safe environments for everyone.

For a chance to cop yours hassle-free, download @Copdate, follow Commonwealth PH in the app, and carefully read the instructions below:


You must be physically inside the area of Metro Manila to access the release. To enter, the List will open between 4PM – 11:59PM on March 13. Launch the app, and get on the list. As this is a “Locals Only” raffle event, users that are not located in Metro Manila will not be able to access this event. Two events will go live at a time.

  1. RSVP

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on March 14 via direct message on the Copdate app. Winners must confirm their reservation in the app within the allotted time to secure their product for hassle-free purchase on release day. Failure to do so will automatically result in the forfeiture of their reservation. Make sure push notifications are turned on.


In order to secure their product for this release, winners will be required to confirm their reservation by validating their payment information and authorizing a non-refundable nominal charge in the app.

Winners that complete the confirmation step and successfully authorize the charge, will have certified their intention to pick up their reserved product from the retailer on release day. 

This will help ensure that reservations are given only to winners that intend to pick-up on release day, and that all reserved pairs end up in the hands of people that truly want them.

Winners that do not confirm or do not wish to authorize the charge can simply cancel their pending reservation (i.e. “Drop”) at no cost and give other users the opportunity to cop hassle-free.


There is no charge whatsoever for entering the raffle event. Your CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED and there is NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND for entering and/or participating in the List Event. 


Confirmation is only required if your list entry has been selected. If your attempted reservation is unavailable, unsuccessful, or if you decide to “DROP,” your reservation will simply be cancelled at no charge.


All products successfully reserved using Copdate must be purchased at Commonwealth GREENBELT and paid in store within three days after confirmation. Claiming starts at 12nn on March 14. Products are NOT purchased in the app.

For additional details, please visit www.copdate.com/faq.