Tokyo Design Studio moves ever forward with the high-spec Niobium Concept 1. Niobium, the new concept footwear from Tokyo Design Studio, features the sole unit from New Balance's best-selling MT801 trail running shoes, while within the upper, a waterproof eVent bootie can be interchanged with a sandal lining: essentially crafting three shoes in one to ensure comfort and multi-season adaptability.

The model is named after the 41st element on the periodic table, which bears the symbol of Nb. Niobium is a refractory metal with a melting point of 1772°C, even higher than platinum. The element's atoms are connected by extremely strong energy bonds and while its silver-white color is similar to other metals, surface treatments allow it to shine with the colors of the rainbow. Aside from its impressive appearance, it is also resistant to many chemicals and can be easily molded at relatively low temperatures. The beauty and versatility of the element are expressed through TDS's new concept footwear. 

The newly released grey colorway represents the most iconic New Balance color, merging its modern silhouette with authentic craftsmanship. Together with its bright yellow and black counterparts released a few months prior, Commonwealth ftgg ventured to the vast mountains and beautiful lakes of Laguna province and tested the waters.

The new balance shoe proved more than a match for the tropics’ rugged landscape. The Niobium Concept 1 can be transformed into waterproof boots, suitable for use at the water's edge and in inclement weather; outdoor sandals that can be easily removed when moving between inside and outside; and slippers for use in the tent or indoors. 



The TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO New Balance Niobium Concept 1 in bright yellow and black colorways are available at our Greenbelt flagship, while the upcoming grey colorway will be available online at on March 6.