Our team members have become family through the years, and despite everything going on in the world, they help push us forward every day.

For the launch of our Commonwealth x adidas Consortium collaboration, we’ll be checking in with our team members from Commonwealth flagship stores around the globe.  We ask them how they’re doing and what their “RESPONSE” has been to everything going on in their local communities.

Name:  Omar L.
Flagship:  Commonwealth DC
Since:  2008

Hey Omar, peace! How are you?
Peace, Everything is good. Taking it day by day. 

With everything that has been happening in 2020, what was something that motivated or demanded a response from you?
You know, I think this year has forced a lot of us to look at every aspect in our lives differently. When Covid-19 happened, it gave me a chance to sit down and have "me" time and do things like neighborhood walks, building legos, and shooting more pictures. Everything switched pretty drastically after the black lives matter movement started to really gain momentum. I'm not someone that really follows politics because it never felt like it was something designed to benefit me in my everyday life anyways, but it felt like this moment really forced people like myself with that thought process to look at everything again and actually dive deeper into why society is the way that it is. I found myself going to protests which led to documenting these moments that felt important.

What’s something new that you’ve discovered about your local neighborhood at this time?
Almost all of our neighbors are small businesses and we've always looked out for each but Covid and the social justice movement really made us come together.

How have you kept your spirits up during this time?
Checking in on friends, Face timing family and just and just having more "Me" time.

What are some of the local businesses you’d like to shoutout and share with our community?
All of my pictures were taken close to the shop at places I frequent all the time.

"Shibuya Eatery" is really good food in Adams Morgan. Try the potato salad!

"Eddies Hair Creation" everyone goes to Eddies to get a cut.

"Joint Custody" MY favorite record shop in DC. They have a really good selection of records and vintage tee's.

The Commonwealth x adidas Consortium "RESPONSE" releases exclusively at Commonwealth flagships around the globe and online at www.commonwealth-ftgg.ph on Saturday, November 21st.


📷 : Cris Zuniga