Our team members have become family through the years, and despite everything going on in the world, they help push us forward every day.

For the launch of our Commonwealth x adidas Consortium collaboration, we’ll be checking in with our team members from Commonwealth flagship stores around the globe.  We ask them how they’re doing and what their “RESPONSE” has been to everything going on in their local communities.

Name: Bryan S
Flagship: Commonwealth Manila
Since: 2019
Hey Bryan, peace! How are you?
I’m doing alright, hope everything’s good over there too.

With everything that has been happening in 2020, what was something that motivated or demanded a response from you?
Being physically and socially locked down, isolated while with things drastically changed, really made me reexamine everything in my life. I experienced a rediscovery of who I was and what I wanted to be doing. I felt that for the longest time, I was on autopilot and now I feel more myself through my art and the community around it. I had this kind of leap of faith in trusting in my art more.
What role has the pandemic played on your artistic output? 
I remember the first thing that motivated me was standing up and using my art to protest against the messed up things that are happening, from police brutality to systemic oppression. Giving attention to these movements and highlighting communities that are helping out gave me the right kick to really get back to my art and using it as a medium to express myself and join the bigger conversation. 
During the pandemic I’ve also found myself in service to small homegrown businesses. There’s this concept of bayanihan that’s being reflected in these times where a community has each other’s back, and I do as much as I can to
take part in that through what I have.
How do you keep inspired during a time like this?
I’m inspired with the thought of never losing myself. I know that’s the main drive that keeps me going. Just being able to keep trusting that my craft can give me the light at the end of the tunnel. A major inspiration to me is just the people around me and the community I surround myself with. I think as people, we feed off of the energy around us and feeling unity over everything that is happening makes you feel that you are not alone in this.

You’ve probably created a bunch of different art during this time. Is there one in particular that you’d like to share with the community?

A particular piece of art I think I’d like to share are the clocks I made. I think those are also going to be sentimental to me just because I made it early on the lockdown and the pandemic, and I wanted for it to simply be a reminder of how valuable time is and how fast time goes. Honored to be a part of this campaign. 

Really means a lot. Thank you guys!

The Commonwealth x adidas Consortium "RESPONSE" releases exclusively at Commonwealth flagships around the globe and online at www.commonwealth-ftgg.ph on Saturday, November 21st.

📷: Patrick Diokno & Paulo Reyes