Our team members have become family through the years, and despite everything going on in the world, they help push us forward every day.

For the launch of our Commonwealth x adidas Consortium collaboration, we’ll be checking in with our team members from Commonwealth flagship stores around the globe.  We ask them how they’re doing and what their “RESPONSE” has been to everything going on in their local communities.

Name:  Jerome B.
Flagship:  Commonwealth DC 

Hey Jerome, peace! How are you?
Peace - all is well, taking things day by day.

With everything that has been happening in 2020, what was something that motivated or demanded a response from you?
2020 as a whole has demanded a response from me - I've had to hold on to my profession all the while learning skills from 5 or 6 others.  2020 has been an eye opening reset that I needed, just wasn't expecting to happen in this fashion.

How have you kept your spirits up during this time?
My spirits have remained high during quarantine as a result of a general sense of optimism, a really great support system of family and friends, and respect for life- we're in trying times so you have to be thankful for waking up every morning, and because of that you have to make everyday count.

What’s something new that you’ve discovered about your daughter during this time at home?
My daughter has a curiosity that I was aware of, nurtured and encouraged, but it seems to have made leaps and bounds over quarantine and I can't be happier.  She is constantly seeking knowledge in a variety of areas and that brings me immense joy.

Parenting has been a challenge for many at this time. What’s one piece of advice you can give all the parents at home right now?
For all the parents at home I would explain to them that there is a silver lining with being home w/your kids everyday, and to make the best of that.  Before everyone was running around, doing what life demanded of us, but now that everyone is in the house together they should talk to their kids, really get to know them, their interests, goals & plans, etc.  My 8 year old daughter has informed me she still wants to be a visual artist, but wants to be an engineer as well so I'm head over heels about all of that.

The Commonwealth x adidas Consortium "RESPONSE" is available now exclusively at Commonwealth flagships around the globe and online at www.commonwealth-ftgg.ph.


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