Our team members have become family through the years, and despite everything going on in the world, they help push us forward every day.

For the launch of our Commonwealth x adidas Consortium collaboration, we’ll be checking in with our team members from Commonwealth flagship stores around the globe.  We ask them how they’re doing and what their “RESPONSE” has been to everything going on in their local communities.

Name:  Alexander P.
Flagship:  Commonwealth LA 

Hey Alex, peace! How are you?
Great, I’ve never been better, surprisingly. 

With everything that has been happening in 2020, what was something that motivated or demanded a response from you?
I’ve always been somewhat conscious of our social climate and how people of color have been mistreated. I’ve been mistreated. But the wall being built on the boarders of Mexico and Black Lives Matter movement, are the two moments I can point to. Innocent children being stolen from their families. Parents who are simply seeking opportunities to provide a better life. 

Black men and women, murdered in cold blood by the hand (or the guns) of incompetent police officers. Watching the murders of innocent people without repercussion sent me over the top. My blood boiled, punishments continue to not fit the crimes. Murders waking free! The ugly underbelly of our country showed itself, spear headed by one of the most self centered and egotistical United States Presidents we have ever seen. Nevertheless, those two moments are the thorns in my side.

( I don’t mean to downplay the Severity of Covid-19 either. I understand that it has impacted millions of people across the globe, including people in my own family.) 

Do you feel like all this time at home has given you and your peers more time to actually put time into what they are passionate about?
Absolutely. This time, although very trying financially & emotionally for most people, has forced us to become creative. Many of my peers, myself included, are taking leaps of faith and investing in ourselves. From creativity, hobbies, to self-care and more. Even in our regular everyday lives many people are finding different ways to get creative. Parents, kids, business owners, artist, you name it. 

This pandemic has given me plenty of space and time as an artist to work on my brand freely.  It has allowed me to ultimately see what I want from the brand and myself. Oddly enough, it nudged me to also plan more, work ahead and become more proactive. We are building what we believe to be the right habits, laying down a stronger foundation, creating relevant content. I am extremely grateful that I’ve been able to capitalize on the extra free time and also help give back to the youth in the process. 

This time has given many of us a glimpse of what it actually takes to reach our goals. Most people over think and wait for “the perfect time”.  The truth is, there is no better time, than the present. I believe that time is our most valuable asset. I am extremely excited to continue to see what my peers and strangers alike create. Struggle breeds greatness. 

Positivity is important for you. How have you kept this spirit alive in a time like this?
Positivity is something you must own, it’s a mindset. It’s a part of self love, you have to work towards it everyday. Where there is darkness there is light. I have leaned heavily on my creativity and thirst for discovery. I find pleasure in things such as books, new movies, interviews etc. Family and running, have also been a great escape for me. I always pin family and running together, because I feel like that is food for the heart and soul. Love and exercise. 

I’ve also placed more attention on the things I value. Walking my dog, listening to new music, exploring new wine, conversations with friends and family. I used to take these things for granted. It’s usually things you don’t stop to think about. For most of us, the things We’ve over looked have been taken away, essentially. Traveling, the gym, eating inside of a restaurant. Its changed my perspective. We do not need much to be happy, we over indulge.

Granted, We have never experienced a time like the one we are living in today. With so much negativity on the news, on our feeds, politically etc. It is not an easy pill to swallow. But for me, to keep my head above water, the glass must stay half full. Keep things simple, love each other and choose happiness. 

What’s one thing that you’ve learned during this time that you’d like to pass on to our community?
We are only as strong as our weakest link. We still have so much to learn, so be a sponge. Knowledge is meant to be shared, knowledge is nothing without application! There is strength in numbers, in our women, our children and in our communities. The youth is our energy! It is so motivational to see our community grow, to see people standing together for our brothers and sisters. We are the living proof. 

I’ve been fighting this war against racism for over ten years. My first March was for Treyvon Martin in downtown Orlando, 2012. Yet, the issues in our communities continue, it is simply heartbreaking. More and more people who look like me, think like me, grew up like me, are standing together in the face of rascim, oppression and inequalities. Those people give me strength, they give me hope. I probably won’t be alive to see the end of this fight, but if can all contribute in some way that  will speaks volumes. As a community we must stay united, we are beautiful, we are strong and lastly we are worthy. 

"What we do in life echoes in eternity."

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