Product registrations are open to anyone in the Philippines. There is no need to be physically in the store to register or pick up the product. Payments will be processed online and the product will be delivered to your address.

A verified account at is needed in order to participate in registrations. Please ensure that the name and email address you use to register matches the name and email address on your Commonwealth account. Create an account or review your account details before signing up for any product registration. 


1. Commonwealth employs the practice of randomized, computer-generated registration system to ensure a completely fair chance of getting the opportunity to purchase a launch product release.

2. Registrations are free and this is a system of chance. Confirmed registrations are given the opportunity to purchase the stated product.

3. The name and addresses indicated on the entry form must match the name on your Commonwealth account and shipping details. Orders with details that don’t match will not be shipped.

4. A valid government ID matching the registration form and order information is required and must be presented to our courier upon delivery. Temporary IDs or IDs without photos will not be accepted.

5. Only one entry per customer per product registration is allowed. Multiple entries from the same IP address may automatically be disqualified. Commonwealth reserves the right to void any entries.

6. Confirmed entries are allowed to purchase only ONE (1) pair matching the exact size selected during registration. Orders made that do not match the registration entry will automatically be cancelled.

7. Items classified under product registrations are excluded from all promotions and discounts, shipping or otherwise. Final sale only.

8. Confirmed entries cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise provided to anyone else. Evidence of attempt of such behavior will result in disqualification and bans. Entries have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase.

9. Items classified under product registrations are intended for retail only. Commonwealth reserves the right to disqualify any successful entry due to ineligibility of the customer. Commonwealth is not required to provide any explanation for the disqualification. Disqualified entries will not receive a payment invoice.

10. Commonwealth reserves the right to refuse orders that were made by manipulating our product registration system.