[UPDATE 05/26/20, 09:00 PM] 

To ensure that everyone is given a chance to enter in this raffle, Copdate has opened a Special Events web link exclusively for registration of the Nike x Travis Scott Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails".

Registration for this exclusive raffle event will solely be done through the Special Events Link for the remainder of the registration period. Please note that the event will no longer be accessible through the Copdate app. 

Please note the following:

1. If you have already registered on the app, there is no need to register on the link. 

2. Only entries from valid Copdate accounts will be accepted.

3. Winners will be notified via email on May 29. 

The Special Events web link is available at this link provided by Copdate.

To register, simply follow the link and submit your entry using your Copdate account information. Please ensure that you only use your Copdate account info to register and you must be located in the Philippines to qualify.

Please note that winners will be randomly selected and contacted beginning May 29 via e-mail.

Winners must confirm their reservation in the app within the allotted time to secure their product for hassle-free purchase. Failure to do so will automatically result in the forfeiture of their reservation. Please regularly check your email on May 29.

Rest assured, everyone will be given a fair chance to participate and win.

Good luck, and stay safe!]

The highly anticipated Nike x Travis Scott Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails” releases on 
May 29 exclusively at Commonwealth via the LOCALS ONLY LIST raffle event on Copdate. The raffle is available to anyone in the Philippines. There is no need to be physically in the store to register or pick up the product. Payment will be done online and the product will be delivered to your address. 

Registration begins May 26, 12NN and ends on May 28 at 11:59 PM. Registration will be available only to users located in the Philippines.

Strictly one entry per person. Anyone who attempts to join the event more than once will automatically be disqualified.

In line with current health measures set in place across the world, all our major releases will be done via Copdate Locals Only until further notice. 

This raffle is made via Copdate, a third-party supplier based in Montreal, Canada. Visit www.copdate.com for more information. 

Nike x Travis Scott Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails” [CT2864-200]

PRICED AT: PHP 8,545.00

SIZE RUN: 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 9.5 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 11.5 

For a chance to cop yours hassle-free, carefully read the instructions below: 


You must be physically in the Philippines to access the release events. Visit the Special Events Link and register. As this is a “Locals Only” raffle event, users that are not located in the Philippines will not be able to access this event. 

Before entering, ensure that you have access to the email address indicated on your Copdate account, as well as that all information on your Copdate account is correct and up to date.


Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on May 29 via e-mail. Winners must confirm their reservation in the app within the allotted time to secure their product for hassle-free purchase. Failure to do so will automatically result in the forfeiture of their reservation. Please ensure that notifications are turned on, and that you regularly check your Copdate app and e-mail on May 29.


In order to secure product for this release, winners will be required to confirm their reservation by validating their payment information and authorizing a non-refundable nominal charge in the app. 

Please exercise due diligence in responding to any notification from Copdate during the day of release. There is a limited window of time for reservations to be confirmed; any unconfirmed reservations after the window closes will no longer be available to be confirmed at a later date. Unconfirmed reservations will be processed again through the Copdate app until all reservations are confirmed.

Winners that complete the confirmation step and successfully authorize the charge, will have certified their intention to purchase the product. This will help ensure that reservations are given only to winners that intend to purchase and that all reserved pairs end up in the hands of people that truly want them.

Winners that do not confirm or do not wish to authorize the charge can simply cancel their pending reservation (i.e. “Drop”) at no cost and give other users the opportunity to cop hassle-free.

There is no charge whatsoever for entering the raffle event. Your CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED and there is NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND for entering and/or participating in the List Event. 

Confirmation is only required if your list entry has been selected. If your attempted reservation is unavailable, unsuccessful, or if you decide to “DROP,” your reservation will simply be cancelled at no charge.


Winning entries cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise provided to anyone else. Evidence of such behavior will result in disqualification. Entries have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase. 

This product is intended for retail only. Commonwealth reserves the right to disqualify any successful entry due to ineligibility of the customer. Commonwealth is not required to provide any explanation for the disqualification. Disqualified entries will not receive a payment invoice. 

Abuse and/or policy violations within the system will result in cancelation or disqualification in future events.



Winners will be sent an email invoice to the e-mail address indicated on their Copdate account from customercare@commonwealth-ftgg.ph starting June 1, allowing them to complete their payment through Visa, Mastercard or Paymaya. Please check your Spam, Promotions, and other inboxes. 

Ensure that you have access to the e-mail address registered on your Copdate account as we will be sending winners an invoice to that email address. Failure to complete payment via the e-mail invoice by the deadline will result in a forfeited reservation.

When checking out, please use the same name that appears on your Copdate account and on your billing. 

Deadline for payment will be on June 3, 11:59 PM. Reservations not paid for by deadline will automatically be forfeited.

Please note that our warehouse is currently operating on a skeletal team and deliveries may take longer than expected. We will continue to do what we do best and provide our customers access to our products in the safest way possible during this time.

Due to the limited nature of this release, all sales are final. Returns or exchanges will not be honored.

Products are NOT purchased in the app. For additional details, please visit www.copdate.com/faq.