Hardy Blechman, whose former experience lay in the international military and industrial clothing surplus trade, started maharishi by producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing as well as recycling workwear and military surplus. maharishi has evolved into one of the UK’s most influential designer labels.  "Maharishi" literally translated means great seer, started in 1994 with the vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian apparel clothing.

For Autumn Winter 2019, maharishi delves deep into embroidery and plant motifs—reminiscent of its brand ethos. Worth looking into the collection is the Chacruna Pattern, made up of elements from Cuban, Belgian and United States camouflage patterns, as well as the “Elm Leaf” camouflage that intertwines chacruna leaves with ayahuasca vines. 

Select pieces from maharishi’s Autumn Winter 2019 apparel clothing collection, including the Original Loose Fit Snopants and the Kimono Overshirt, are available today at Commonwealth Rockwell.