Forced out of our routines and habits, we have been rediscovering new ways to make the most out of our time. Whether it’s for entertainment, insight, or just the audible pleasure of listening to great conversations, we’ve rounded up a list of podcasts you might enjoy as much as we do.

1. Still Processing

Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris of The New York Times expertly break down pop culture and the world we live in, one trending topic at a time.


2. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Motivational speaker Jay Shetty’s inspiring podcast is an audible pick-me-up on keeping a positive outlook through conversations with fascinating people.


3. Corporate Lunch

GQ Style editors Noah Johnson, Rachel Tashjian, Sam Hine, and (sometimes) head honcho, Will Welch himself, come together for this weekly podcast to discuss fashion’s latest headlines, predict upcoming trends, or argue about which early 00’s celebrity had the best airport fit pics.


4. 99% Invisible

Stories behind the overlooked aspects of design and architecture that shape our everyday lives.


5. Short Story Long

Sharp conversations with entrepreneurs, specialists, and other persons of interest on overcoming obstacles to success. Worth digging through the archive.


6. Blamo!

A fashion podcast dedicated to insightful discussions with the movers and shakers of the fashion and retail industry.


7. Dissect

A serialized music podcast unpacking some of our favorite and most acclaimed albums, song by song, line by line.


8. The Bon Appétit Foodcast

A glimpse into the world of food and restaurants featuring interviews with chefs, writers, and anyone who has something cool to say about food.étit-foodcast/