Listening to albums from start to finish seems like a challenge in a time where curated playlists reign supreme. But when our habits are thrown out of rhythm, turning the shuffle off might do us some good.  

Our friend and Manila-born, Tokyo-based creative and host of Sometimes Social Tokyo Kix Suarez shares a glimpse of his listening history with an eclectic mix of soul, folk, and rock. Whether you’re pining to expand your music taste or looking for something to put you in a contemplative mood, listen to these six albums featuring Carole King, Khruangbin, and more.


Home Again

“It sounds like an album that got lost in a pile of 70s records but was actually released in 2012. Part soul, part prayer, part story. A great way to ease into the morning.”



“A grime and hiphop producer turned Jazz pianist. An evening album best listened to with whiskey served neat.”


The Universe Smiles Upon You

“It’s like putting a shell up to your ear and hearing the ocean’s wave crashing on the sand. It’s hard not to get lost in this album. It feels like a siesta at the beach.”


This is How You Smile

“Like reading letters and collages of conversations between family. It’s a beautifully written and arranged album, probably his best one yet.”


The Heart of the Nightlife

There’s a hazy and beautiful world full of palm trees and cold cold drinks with cocktail umbrellas that is painted by this album and the hopeless romantic in me hasn’t stopped listening to it since its release a decade ago."



"One of the most perfect albums ever made. I’ve listened to it at different stages in my life and I would always come across a song  or two that would hit me a little harder than usual. If you decide to listen to just one out of the albums I picked, it would be this one.”