Introducing Commonwealth Sounds. Whether it inspires, motivates or informs us, music and its messages has always been a part of our POV. We look forward to presenting curated playlists from our network of leaders in art, music, and counter culture at large.

With 01: Welcome to Virginia, we felt it was only right to set the foundation for our playlists with where it all started.

For a state with no one defined sound, Virginia has always been at the forefront when it comes to its musical contributions. We decided to highlight a few of our favorite examples in a playlist that clocks in at just under four hours. From the early days of Star Trak and Timbaland, to the new era of artists such as Leikeli47 and Masego, we want to take you on an audio-voyage of why the state has been synonymous with excellence in music these past few decades. 

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