After months of teasers, the Sean Wotherspoon and adidas collaboration is finally here as part of the celebrations of 50 years of the adidas sneakers Superstar silhouette.

For the past ten years as founder of vintage clothing boutique Round Two, Sean has disrupted fashion and sneaker culture with his vegan background and public support for achieving zero waste in the industry.

While Sean rose to prominence with his previous collaborations with Nike and Asics, the adidas sneakers x Sean Wotherspoon "SuperEarth" Superstar may be his personal advocacy and creative vision at its most realized so far. Crafted from plant-based products and inspired by a ‘super’ sustainable earth, Sean Wotherspoon’s rendition of the Superstar embeds sustainability and eco-consciousness into the silhouette.

"The name ['SuperEarth'] came from just seeing the earth for what it is; it's super in every way you can think of,” Sean shares with adidas CONFIRMED. “We all sometimes take the 'super' -ness of the earth for granted so I felt it was necessary to create a way to remind people of this every day."

The name ['SuperEarth'] came from just seeing the earth for what it is; it's super in every way you can think of,

In an interview with END., Sean Wotherspoon disclosed that he took into consideration materials that were already available or in surplus and took those resources as a limitation on what he can use for the shoe. The SuperEarth is free from animal ingredients, instead featuring unexpected materials like vegan leather, cork, and natural rubber, as well as 100% recycled polyester. Material waste is also reduced during the footwear manufacturing process by leaving the finishing touches.

To top it all off, the silhouette is adorned with floral sketches by Wotherspoon himself, followed by embroidered threads emerging from the upper.

The thoughtful reconsiderations on the silhouette are underpinned by the global conversation on minimizing waste. According to several reports, including one in 2016 by management consultancy McKinsey, More than 8 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions are produced by the apparel and footwear industries.

The adidas sneakers x Sean Wotherspoon "SuperEarth" Superstar is coming exclusively to Commonwealth via raffle, September 3. Register here.