ISPA Universal 'Natural and Desert Dust'

UNISEX | in US Men's sizing

₱4,295 PHP

Progress, experimentation and craft. At it again, Nike ISPA creates space for those who seek deeper meaning and connection to the products they use. From its modularity (replaceable components for a longer-lasting product) to the zero-glue design, the ISPA Universal lets you step into the future of footwear.

Inside and out, every detail has a purpose. The absence of glue means less waste. Bio-EVA foam, used throughout the design, is made from bio-based feedstocks derived from sugarcane. And each pair comes with two sets of moisture-absorbing, 40% cork insoles—once the first set breaks down, you can replace the insole instead of replacing the whole shoe.

  • Foam upper
  • Cork insole
  • Foam outsole
SKU: DM0886-101